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Social Marketing

Your Social Media Manager
Social Media communities demand constant attention, requiring your personal interaction, which is the key to cultivating your brands presence online. We offer control over your activity when communicating with unlimited social networks. Monitor your business or personal activity and use analytics to keep an eye on the impact your making. These are only some of the benefits - Worphy understands building your presence demands interaction across the networks - leaving no profile to dry up and wither.


Bring all your social profiles onto this single platform

• Bring all your social profiles onto this single platform
• Begin your campaign messaging
• Publish to all your social networks
• Monitor your brand mentions, likes, dislikes, and more


Collaborate with your teams

• Add streams in real time from your social networks
• Work with a waterfall view
• Reply to your social media without leaving the page
• Assign across teams and improve engagement with your audience


No longer wonder if you're really making an impact

• Follow activity of each campaign
• Analyze how strong/weak your company's presence is
• Create comprehensive reports from your dashboard
• Measure your incoming comments, likes, and page activities

Social Applications

Social apps will power-up your Social media activity. Your abilities are greatly improved for networking promotions using applications.
• More than 20 applications for you to choose from
• Best selection of apps across platforms
• Run promotional campaigns with a pro touch
• Create powerful social media marketing plan
• Apps for sweepstakes, iFrame editor, coupons, survey and more
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